Visual Impact for Women Review

Visual impact for women is the first program focused specifically on firming up the muscles of the body, like arms and legs, while at the same time actually decreasing their overall size.

A lot of women know that weight training in the gym can really help with weight loss, but are worried about bulking up. Instead, they end up doing hours of boring, repetitive and downright ineffective cardio for limited results.

In this Visual Impact for Women review:

  • Who is Rusty Moore and What is the Visual Impact for Women Program?
  • What’s in the Visual Impact for Women Course?
  • Pros and Cons of the Visual Impact for Women
  • Visual Impact for Women in Summary

Abs of a fit woman holding two smaller wights.

Who is Rusty Moore and What is the Visual Impact for Women Program?

Rusty Moore is the author of Visual Impact for Women and has one of the most popular fitness websites on the web. It’s called Fitness Black Book and it’s about achieving what he calls the ‘Hollywood look’, a slimmed down and toned up body without extra bulk.

He changed from being a certified ‘gym guy’, with legs that couldn’t fit into jeans, to creating a technique of ‘leaning down’ and achieving a great body tone without extra size.

He says many women have written to him saying they enjoy working out but don’t like the way it makes them look after a while. Legs in particular can bulk up with training, but Rusty says he has perfected a way of reducing the size of a woman’s legs, whilst firming them up at the same time.

The introduction to the program on his website explains much more about his unique approach.

Visual Impact for Women reviews and dispels a lot of the common fitness and weight loss information out there that the author says is either inappropriate for women looking to tone up without bulking up, or just plain wrong in the first place.

For a couple of examples, the program generally uses highest sets with lower reps without going to failure. Rusty says this avoids the ‘pump’ which increases of vascularity (veinyness) and muscle size. Instead, training this way helps you burn fat while shaping your body into a leaner and more toned appearance.

There is also a focus on performing high intensity interval training in a fasted state, something that’s worked well for me personally, and Rusty says increases fat burning hormones. He follows this with steady-state cardio to maximize the benefits of HIIT. This is something I hadn’t heard of before but makes a lot of sense.

A woman measuring her wist with measuring tape.


What’s in the Visual Impact for Women Course?

The Main Visual Impact for Women E-Book

Rusty calls this the first comprehensive course created completely for women who want to have a slim, toned and feminine physique. It covers just what he says works and what doesn’t work when it comes to exercising and your diet for toning up and slimming down your body.

The Fat Torching Cardio E-Book

This is a 12 week progressive cardio program to help you burn as much body fat as you want. The routines in this program have a special methodology I hadn’t seen before to increase natural fat burning hormones and access stored body fat.

A Detailed Exercise Demonstration Manual

This 229 page e-book has clickable navigation so it’s easy to scan through the huge variety of different exercises in the main course. The Visual Impact for Women e-book reviewed why it’s so important to change up the way you train regularly for best results, and this is a good resource for checking that you are performing exercises correctly.

Printable Workout Charts for Every Workout Routine

Each of the Visual Impact for Women workout routines is listed on a print friendly page.

Pros and Cons of the Visual Impact for Women

Likely Pros

There is both detailed theory and focused practical information on how women can get a slim and toned body in this program. It’s aimed very specifically at women and has a unique methodology and 12 week plan to follow.

The author explains why normal dieting techniques don’t work, so you can avoid common dietary traps. Instead, he gives recommendations for meal frequency strategies and what foods to specifically avoid, without being overly restrictive. There is also a chapter on slimming down for a special event and just what to do based on a strategic timeline.

I’d say Visual Impact for Women reviews how to use cardio for fat loss better than any resource I’ve seen. The program is customizable for how many days a week you have for training and it also shows you how to set up a home gym with just a couple of items if you want to save on gym membership.

There is a 60 day moneyback guarantee.

A fit woman sweaty torso during a workout.

Possible Cons

Visual impact for women is definitely focused on innovative cardio routines for weight loss.

Visual Impact will require doing special exercises to lose weight and tone up your body each week, so it’s worth considering if you can commit to the training for reasonable time period to get the results you want.

While the exercise demonstration manual is very detailed, and certain exercises could be printed out to have with you when you workout, some people do prefer videos to watch, which Visual Impact for Women doesn’t have. Of course, just entering the name of the exercise into Google video search should provide these if needed.

Visual Impact for Women explains what to eat and what to avoid for best results, but it doesn’t have specific meal plans. This program is probably a bit more permissive than other weight loss resources I’ve seen and instead focuses on burning it off with training and increasing your metabolism for losing weight.

Visual Impact for Women in Summary

For women that enjoy exercising, but perhaps haven’t been getting the results they want, this will be a very good program to follow. It’s focused and detailed on its primary goal – a slimmed down, toned up body for women, primarily through exercise, but without bulking up and without wasting time on what doesn’t work.

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