Sunday Fun: Sexy Workout Videos to Get Your Blood Pumping

A fit and sexy woman in scarce clothing performing a weight lifting exercise.

Popping your Tae-Bo DVD into the player for another day of working out at home may not appeal to you, as the videos can be repetitive and boring after a while. The good news: there are sexy workout videos to help you get your blood pumping – and not just to your muscles! If you want to actually enjoy the home workout you’re doing, check out the sexiest workout music video playlist:

Eric Prydz – Pump It Up!

Anyone that has tried this workout DVD knows how much fun it can be to dance around and get a good workout. However, it’s the music video to hit song Call on Me that has really made this workout video popular. The sexy workout music video uses the workout routines trainer Deanne Berry promotes, and the workout program actually incorporates hit club songs with solid workouts. If you want to have fun getting in shape to your favorite club tunes, it’s a sexy, sweaty workout for you.

The Firm Stability Ball Workout

The older DVDs released by The Firm featured tall blonde women in one-piece bathing suits – definitely the scandalous outfits of yesteryear. However, recent The Firm videos have been much more appealing, especially the stability ball workout. Not only will it make your body look much tighter and sexier, but there’s just something undeniably appealing about women rolling around on giant plastic stability balls.

Dance With Julianne

Julianne Hough is famous for winning Dancing with the Stars twice, and there’s something incredibly sexy about the way she shakes her hips as she steps to the music. She has released a number of exercise programs to help you get fit through dance, and they are all a combination of fun and solid aerobics workouts. The best thing about the workouts is that you get to watch the cute little blonde shake her tight body while doing Cardio Ballroom or her Just Dance! video, and it will help to take your mind off the fact that you’re sweating buckets as you work out.

Fitness Corner

Fitness Corner has its own YouTube channel, and it’s packed with all sorts of excellent videos to help you get in shape. You can bet that most people vesting their channel will instantly flip to the Erotic Sexy Exercise videos, which is a number of enthusiastic videos with women dancing with sexy moves to hip-shaking music. The scantily-clad ladies in the video are wonderful eye candy, and the ladies will find that the few shots of the man in the video will keep them interested long enough to get a good workout.

Carmen Electra StripAerobics

Most young men from the ‘90s dreamed of seeing Carmen Electra doing provocative things, and the Carmen Electric StripAerobics video is the answer to their prayers. The gorgeous star teaches a striptease workout, along with plenty of cardio routines, stretching, and muscle building exercises that will help you to get in shape. If you want to do something special to surprise your man, this exercise workout video will teach you a wonderful strip tease routine that will blow his mind.

BodyRock TV

The workout program is surprisingly effective, there’s no denying it! The exercise routines taught in the video all encourage working out at home, with whatever you have handy. Trainer Freddy Light is a well-versed fitness professional, but it’s Zuzana the ex-adult film star that has put this workout routine on the map. With her tight body and her amazingly powerful core, women and men around the world are content to sweat along with her just to try and get into shape.

Fit for a Goddess

Pole dancing has long been considered a form of exercise unavailable to the average woman, but Fit for a Goddess brings it into a whole new light with their workout routines. Created by a psychologist – Dr. Ilana Fernandez – the workout videos focus on importing a number of dance styles into the routines for an invigorating cardio workout. The workouts are quite sensual, and they can help you to get your body into amazing shape. It takes a lot of strength and core power to stay on a pole, and these workouts have become incredibly popular thanks to the fact that they train you to be a goddess on the pole as well as in your daily life!


Sexy workout videos aren’t just made for men to enjoy watching, but they’re perfect for the ladies that want to get fit and unleash their inner sensuality. It’s all about having fun, and what can be more fun than being sexy while getting in shape?

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