Natural Remedies For High Blood Pressure

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All cultures throughout history have used the healing effects of herbs to help treat health problems. Today, we are experiencing a resurgence in the practice of herbal medicine.

The herbs we are turning to in our quest to heal ourselves, reduce or eliminate chemicals from our bodies are the same ones that were used in ancient practices from China, India, and Egypt, where written documents of herbal medicines date back to 5,000 years.

Herbal Medicine Takes on Many Remedy Forms

  • Teas and bath additives, using fresh or dried herbs and are mixed in water.
  • Tinctures which contain plant extracts added to alcohol or glycerin.
  • Essential oils are distilled from plant materials.
  • Liniments and salves that are applied to the skin contain dried herbs.
  • Powders and pills contain dried extracts.

Herbal medicine is very useful for self treating mild symptoms and chronic complaints. It is also very effective for preventing illnesses by strengthening the immune system to stimulate the body’s own healing abilities.

High blood pressure is a one condition that affects many people regardless of shape and size, age, and social class. High blood pressure is often left untreated and uncontrolled because its symptoms are difficult to recognize.

If left untreated, the walls of the blood vessels can harden, resulting in a heart attack or stroke. Constricted blood vessels cause increased resistance to the blood flow and causes the blood pressure to rise.

How To

There are natural remedies that can help with dealing with high blood pressure, many of which are in herbal form. We’re going to break it down into three simple ways you can make your own high blood pressure remedy at home.


A cup of tea surrounded by various herbs.

Help strengthen the heart muscle and keep the blood pressure level. To improve cardiac function make a mix of equal parts Hawthorn flowers, blueberry leaves, shepherds purse, Hibiscus, parsley, skullcap, or alfalfa. Add to boiling water, steep for around 10 minutes then strain. Drink twice a day.

To increase circulation and help dilate the blood vessels, make a tea using dried yarrow flowers. Drink 3 times a day for maximum benefits.

Pills and Powders

If you’re looking for some relaxing herbs, try passion flower, or California poppy root. These plants helps reduce the stress that can raise the blood pressure. You can find them in pill form, but first consult your doctor whether or not they are good for you.

However, if you’re looking for something in more of a supplement form, go for Ginkgo, ginger, garlic. They are all known to prevent hardening of the arteries and reduces blood pressure.


Tinctures are most effective due to the alcohol which draws the active compounds in the herb and absorbs faster into the bloodstream. Black cohosh, Blue cohosh, or Wild Cherry are all recommended to prevent high blood pressure. Just add 7-10 drops into a water, or any hot beverage. Drink 2-3 times daily.

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