Motivation for Weight Loss – How Losing Weight Has Made Me a Better Person

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Losing weight is tough work, but I’ve managed to stay fairly faithful to my diet and exercise program and maintain my motivation for weight loss over the last few months.

Excluding the Christmas and New Year break when everyone of us eats more than they should and does little or no exercise, I’ve actually done pretty well keeping up with my fitness and weight loss goals.

  • I’ve run a 4k and 5k race in the last month, and will run two more before summer is out
  • I have almost achieved a green belt in martial arts – meaning about 2 years’ worth of work stuffed into 11 months
  • I will participate in a regional martial arts competition on May 5th, where I have a very real chance of winning
  • I have lost about 25 pounds
  • I’ve dropped at least 2 inches around my waist
  • I feel much lighter and more coordinated

These are the physical effects of my weight loss efforts, and I feel great about these results. However, what really makes me happy are the personal benefits that I’ve seen thanks to my weight loss.

I feel that I have become a better person in many ways, and I’d like to share how losing weight has made me a better person to give you some motivation for weight loss.

I Organize My Time Better

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It’s hard to fit exercise into my day, just like I know it’s hard for many of you.

I hate the fact that I come home from my martial arts class late in the evening, and I have a hard time fitting a jog, a run, or a boxing workout into my afternoons. Even though I work fewer hours than most, there’s just so much to do.

However, losing weight gave me the motivation to keep working hard to keep losing weight, and that motivation helps me to make time for exercise. That means that I have to manage my time better, as I need to finish my work and get all of my other chores out of the way if I want to do exercise.

I find that I’m so much more productive and get a lot more done – and in a whole lot less time!

I Don’t Quit as Easily

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I can honestly say that I have started and quit many things.

I have done stints as a web designer, a graphic designer, a human resources person, an English teacher, and more. I’ve quit many of these things because I’m no good at them, but I haven’t yet quit my weight loss.

It’s amazing how great you feel when you follow through and accomplish things. I have rarely felt as good as I did crossing the finish line at my first 4k race, and I know I’ll feel great when I win a martial arts tournament less than 1 year after starting to learn.

I still am tempted to quit things all the time, but I now lust after that amazing feeling of accomplishment I get when I follow through and actually complete what I set out to do.

I Can Put Important Things First

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Let me tell you, there is nothing harder to do than go to a late-night martial arts class when all you want to do is sleep after a stressful day, or sit at home watching TV instead of going jogging.

However, the only way I’ve been able to lose weight is by putting those things first, and it’s been a trial. There have been times when my wife and kids have told me, “Stay home and have fun with us.” It’s been hard to say no, but I know that I have to make an effort to get out and get my exercise.

I try to make time to do fun things with them on the weekends, but the week is time when I have to get my exercise in no matter what.

I Am Learning Discipline

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There are few things that I find as difficult as saying “no” to another piece of pizza, another serving of pasta, or an extra large helping of those delicious chocolate brownies that are my Kryptonite.

I can honestly say that I am nowhere near being as disciplined as I want to be, and I still have a hard time turning them down.

However, I feel that I have made massive strides of progress – especially when it comes to food. I actually prefer a grilled chicken salad to Chicken Alfredo, and I’ve become addicted to whole wheat waffles over pancakes.

As I discipline myself more and more, I lose more weight and have more determination to continue cracking down on myself.

I Understand Myself Better

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It’s easy to say, “Just do it” when you don’t really know how your body will handle it. Thanks to the last few months, I understand myself a lot better.

  • I hate running laps or circuits, as I feel that I am going nowhere. I now run to the place where my kids do exercise so I have no choice but to go the distance.
  • I hate feeling like I’m not as good as others, especially when I should be much better. I have learned to accept there are people better than me at many things – so I will never win that 5k race or beat my Sensei at sparring practice.

These are just a couple of things that the last few months of weight loss have helped me to see, and I have a better understanding of what makes me tick.

Is my road to weight loss nearly over? Not a chance! I’ve still got at least another 25 pounds to lose, and these will be the hardest.

However, if the last months have prepared me for anything, it’s to make it to that finish line and reach my weight loss and fitness goals. Today my motivation for weight loss is stronger than ever and I intend to keep it that way!

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