Lifehacks – How to Get More Energy Naturally During The Day

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Everyone wants to know how to get more energy during the day, right? I know I could use an energy boost first thing in the morning when I’m sitting down at my computer to start writing, or when I’m trying to drag myself to my Karate lesson at the end of a long day of work.

There just isn’t enough energy in our days, and a bit more would be welcome.

Short of drinking coffee or sucking down a Monster or Red Bull, I didn’t know what I could do more to get more energy. I searched the back alleys and dive bars of the Internet, and found a whole lot of interesting, uncommon lifehacks to give me more energy.

I tried them, and was amazed at how well they worked. See for yourself…

Caffeine Nap

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Everyone knows that coffee is one of the best energy foods, but it will be twice as effective if you work it in with a nap. Drink down that steaming cup of Joe, and quickly lay down for a 15 minute power nap.

A study done in the UK showed that taking a quick nap after drinking coffee helped people to feel amazingly energized. The nap helped to refresh their bodies, and the coffee kicked into high gear once it was digested and ready for absorption 15 minutes later.


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Yoga is one of the most amazingly energizing things on the planet! Sure, it’s exercise, and exercise boosts energy, but it’s so much more than just a workout. It helps to relax you as you do the workout – the same cannot be said for a run or weightlifting.

It actually stimulates your core muscles to work, squeezes your liver and kidneys to detoxify them, and leaves you feeling amazing once you’re done. It’s guaranteed to give you more energy than any other workout.


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Need something to keep you working or studying? Get yourself a quick snack comprised of all of the important nutrients.

A source of quick-acting carbs – fruit is best – will help to give you an immediate energy boost, and add some slow-digesting carbs – think whole grains or veggies – to provide more energy over a longer period of time.

With the addition of lean protein – chicken or turkey – you’ve got all the energy you need. The perfect energy boosting snack is an apple with a chicken sandwich on whole wheat toast.

Get Social

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It may not be the same energy you’d get from an energy shot, but you’ll feel much better and more alive after spending time with others.

study done by famous researcher William Fleeson proved that people forcing themselves to socialize and talk to others – particularly introverts – felt happier and more energized.

Change Your Shoes

A runner tying her shoe-laces on a track.

No, just walking to your closet for a new pair of shoes won’t do the trick, though it can help to do something new. This means changing your running shoes.

If the sole is worn out, you’ll have less cushioning as you run, meaning more wear and strain on your joints. A new pair of running shoes will help to keep your joints protected, and your body won’t have to repair them as much – leaving energy for muscle repairs.

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Singing helps to reduce stress, but it also gives you an emotional high that feels a lot like a rush of energy.

It will actually fight off the cortisol – the stress hormone – that makes you feel all tense and stressed, and you’ll feel much better. There is a reason so many people sing in the shower after all!


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Laughing has long been seen as a remedy for all ailments, particularly the moody blues. However, it has recently been discovered that it can actually help you to lose weight.

It burns calories, and the increased calorie burning gives you more energy. It will actually raise your heart rate by up to 20%, and you’ll have more energy just by chuckling, chortling, sniggering, or doing a full-on belly laugh.

The Color Red

A man in red fitness clothing doing a weightlifting exercise with dumbbells in a gym.

Your blood is red, your muscles are red, and a lot of your body is red. It turns out that your muscles will actually move faster when you see the color red.

The reason for this is that the color red tricks our minds into thinking that it’s in danger, so our brain moves our bodies faster. It may sound odd, but try staring at a red wall, a red painting, or anything red to get your brain and your body moving.

Chia Seeds

A bowl of chia seeds.

Famous nutritionist and pioneer of wellness Paul Bragg conducted a study into the effects of chia seeds, and the amazing little seeds were discovered to be a great source of energy.

The team involved in the study went on an endurance hike, and those that ate the seeds were able to finish the hike almost 4 ½ hours ahead of those that didn’t.


A handful of ginseng.

Ginseng is used for just about everything in China, but a study by the Mayo Clinic proved that it can help to boost energy levels.

A study was done involving cancer patients, and the ginseng helped to regulate cortisol – stress hormones – and fight off the cytokines that caused swelling in the body.


Cinnamon sticks on a bed of cinnamon powder.

Sucking on a cinnamon stick sounds like a sure-fire recipe to burn your tongue, but did you know that it can help to give you energy?

It will help to give you that energy boost you need, and even just smelling the spice can have the desired effect. A mint will also do the trick, as peppermint’s aroma can fight fatigue effectively.

Try these tips on how to get more energy during the day for yourself, and see which ones will work best for you!

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