How to Get Toned Abs The “Fun” Way

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The number of Google searches done for “how to get toned abs” is constantly increasing, as more and more people are looking for ways to tighten up their tummies. We all want those washboard abs, but how hard are you willing to work for them?

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Do you look down at your stomach and wish that you could tone your abs, but don’t want to invest the time doing 100 crunches a day?

The good news is that you can tone your abs without having to do those same exercises that get boring after a few days. Here are ways how to get toned abs in a month:

1. Jumping

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When you jump, you bring your legs up to your chest. This causes your stomach muscles to tighten, and it’s a great workout for your abs. If you’ve ever wondered how to get toned abs in a fun way, have your friends hold a broomstick and take turns jumping over it. You can keep raising it in order to make it more of a challenge, and you’ll have to keep pulling your legs higher.

Do this for 30 minutes every day, and you’ll see amazing results in the strength of your legs, your cardio level, and your abs.

2. Martial Arts

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Kicking, punching, blocking, dodging, jumping, and throwing knees and elbows all require your core to be powerful. Martial arts will get you in great shape, and you’ll have fun while tightening your abs and learning self-defense.

You’ll have to do those crunches, bicycles, and leg lifts, but you’ll do many more fun exercises that will tighten your core without your even realizing it.

3. Pilates

A group of smiling people in a gym performing a pilates exercise using exercise balls and weights.

Pilates was invented by a Frenchman almost 100 years ago, but it’s still one of the best core and abs workouts that you can do. Attending a few Pilates sessions will help you to tighten up your abs and back muscles, and you’ll be hooked!

It will be much easier to work along with all of the other people taking the classes alongside you, and you’ll find that doing Pilates can help you to get in great shape.

4. Yoga

A group of people performing a meditative yoga pose.

Yoga classes are a great place to meet people, but they’re also one of the best places to tighten up your abs. All of the poses engage your abs, back, and oblique muscles, so you’ll end up with toned abs no matter what you’re doing.

It’s hard at first, but it will be invigorating when you see how much stronger you are, the amount of fat you burn, the sleek tone of your abs, and the flexibility you have developed.

What If I Don’t Have Time for the Gym?

You don’t need to hit the gym or sign up for a class to get those toned abs you want. You can do abs exercises anywhere you are, and you’ll find that they’ll be just as effective! Here are some exercises you can try in the office, at home, or while at lunch:

Stand Up Straight

It sounds silly, but standing up straight will help to tighten your abs. Pull in your belly with your stomach muscles, tuck your tailbone in, and pull your hips upwards. It will not only make your tummy look sleeker and flatter, but it will actually help to keep the muscles tight all day long.

Hit the Hula

Most girls loved the hula hoop as a youngster, but it’s actually a great tool for the adults as well. Spending a few minutes gyrating your hips wildly can do wonders for your stomach muscles, and you’ll give your core a nice even tone as you spend time whirling the hula hoop around every day.

Belly Dance

You don’t have to be a professional to do a simple belly dance, and you can do it while on the phone, brushing your teeth, or in the shower. Simply place one foot in front and slightly to the left of your other foot, and rest your weight on just your toes. Lift your right hip, drop it down, and repeat. Do this on each toe, and you’ll give your abs a very good workout! Doing this a few times a day will work wonders for your abs.

Lift Your Legs as You Sit

While sitting in your office, scoot your butt forward until it’s in the middle of the seat. Rest your shoulders on your chair, and use your stomach muscles to bring your knees into the air. Do this 20 times every hour, and you’ll tone your abs in no time.


We hope you have a better idea on how to get toned abs. You don’t have to do the same exercises as everyone else if you want to get toned abs, but you can try these fun exercises and workouts to get those solid abs the fun way. Everyone has a method of how to get toned abs, and yours will just be a lot more fun and enjoyable than the rest!

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