6 Exercises to Lose Your Double Chin

Do you find yourself contorting into awkward positions in photos just to hide your double chin? Most of us can relate - I’ve had a few embarrassingly unflattering pictures snapped when I wasn’t prepared. Wouldn’t it be great not to have to worry about this?

Although being overweight is the main cause of a double chin, it can affect others too. Aging, genetic factors and loose muscles are some of the reasons for the appearance of a double chin. Working the muscles in your neck and mouth can help tighten up this area. I’ve made a list of 6 exercises to lose your double chin.

How can exercise help with a double chin?

There’s no arguing with the fact that if your double chin is as a result of excess fat - losing weight is the best way to minimise it. Unfortunately you can’t target fat loss to a particular spot, however you can develop the muscles underneath to tighten the area.

The two main muscles we want to target to combat a double chin are the sternocleidomastoid and platysma. We use our mouth and neck muscles so frequently every day but most of us never specifically exercise them. I’ve picked out 6 exercises that target the double chin.

6 Exercises to Lose Your Double Chin

Pick 2 or 3 of the exercises below and increase the reps as your body adapts and it gets easier. Try to do this every day. You should notice an improvement after about 6 weeks. (source 1, 2, 3, 4)

1. The “Kiss”

No, kissing isn’t going to help you lose your double chin, but this exercise might. Here’s how to do it:

- Sit or stand with your back straight and upright.

- Tile your head back and look at the ceiling

- Pucker your lips tightly (this is where the name comes from, it’s like you’re “kissing” the ceiling)

- Hold this position for 5 seconds, then release.

- Repeat 5 - 15 times

2. The Neck Roll

I remember this one from gym class in school - back then I didn’t worry about double chins! However, this exercise gives your neck muscles a great workout. It makes for a good warm up too - I used to get a stiff neck after jogging until I added this exercise to my warm up routine. Here’s how it works:

- Sit or stand with your back straight and upright

- While inhaling, turn your head to the right so that your chin is parallel with your shoulder

- As you exhale, slowly roll your head downward so that your chin rests on your chest

- Inhale again and gently roll your head back up to the left until your chin touches your other shoulder.

- Repeat 5 - 15 times

3. The Laying Lift

This exercise seems easy - you even get to lie down while doing it! However, you’ll really feel the burn as it works your neck muscles using the weight of your head.

- Lie on your back on a bed with your head hanging off the edge.

- Lift your head up towards your chest very slowly while leaving your back and shoulders flat against the bed.

- Hold this position for 10 seconds

- Slowly return your head to its original position.

- Repeat 5 - 15 times

4. The Tennis Ball Exercise

If you have a tennis ball lying around the house, you can do this simple but effective neck exercise.

- Sit or stand with your back straight and upright

- Place the tennis ball against your throat and hold it in place with your chin.

- Squeeze the ball with your chin and hold for 5 seconds

- Then slightly relax, without dropping the ball

- Repeat 5 - 15 times

5. Tongue Stretch

You probably want to do this one when nobody’s home, as it looks a bit silly. I feel like a lizard catching flies when I do this, except in slow motion...

- Sit or stand with your back straight and upright

- Open your mouth wide.

- Slowly stick your tongue out until it’s as far as it can go. Hold this for 5 seconds.

- Slowly return the tongue to the mouth and hold for 5 seconds again.

- Repeat 5 - 15 times

6. Mouth Press

Doing this exercise made me feel facial muscles I never knew I had! It’s crazy how we use these muscles everyday without realising it. Say thanks to them by giving your chin and neck a little workout, as follows:

- Sit with your back straight and shoulders down.

- Lean your head back until you’re looking at the ceiling.

- Press your tongue hard against the roof of your mouth.

- Keeping your tongue in this position, slowly lower your chin to touch your chest. You will feel the muscles in your chin and the front of your neck straining.

- Hold this for 5 seconds

- Relax your tongue and slowly return to the starting position

- Repeat 5 - 15 times


I hope you found this list of 6 exercises to lose your double chin useful. I feel a bit silly doing some of them, especially #5, but the results are worth it! After just a few weeks I found myself able to do more and more reps - a clear sign that my neck muscles had strengthened and developed. If you persevere with these exercises, you’ll notice results.


Helen Sanders

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