Eat Stop Eat Review – Intermittent Fasting for Effective Weight Loss


The East Stop Eat bookEat Stop Eat uncovers the weight loss secret the diet industry doesn’t want you to know about. Can such a simple plan really produce remarkable results? Read my in-depth review to find out.

Author: Brad Pilon

My Rating: 4 out of 5

Effectiveness: 4 out of 5

Value for Money: 5 out of 5

Editorial Quality: 4 out of 5

Ease of use: 4 out of 5

I Liked

  • Simple instructions, easy to follow.
  • Flexible, can adapt to your own lifestyle.
  • No need to cut out certain foods.
  • The science makes sense

I Didn’t Like

  • Diet and exercise advice is vague
  • Long scientific explanations

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What Does It Do?

Eat Stop Eat prides itself on its straightforward, common sense approach to weight loss.

While the majority of fat burning programs I’ve seen require painfully restrictive diets and exhausting exercise regimes, Eat Stop Eat asks for neither. For this reason, it immediately had my attention.

This book is a breath of fresh air in a world where a slim body is associated with constant restriction and deprivation. If you feel like your weight loss efforts are giving you an unhealthy obsession with nutrition and fitness, this could just be the solution you’re looking for.

With Eat Stop Eat, there’s no need to analyse every bite that passes your lips. This is good news for me – as effective as calorie counting is, it’s hard to manage when I’m rushing to prepare meals for a family of four. Although it can be incorporated if you like, according to this book all you really need to do is eat, stop, eat.

What I’m talking about is intermittent fasting. No, not the starvation associated with eating disorders and crash dieting, but returning to the conditions that humans were built for.

Short term fasting (24 hours or less) was a normal part of life for our hunter-gatherer ancestors. Food was scarce and we had to work for it. In modern society, we have the opposite problem. 24 hour supermarkets and fast food joints leave us overfed and overweight.

The author, Brad Pilon, explains that by constantly eating and storing food, our bodies never get a chance to burn excess fat.

This book is not just for those looking to drop pounds. It also works for weight maintenance and for those chasing a physique with more muscular definition. But let’s not take these claims at face value. I’ve gone deep into the facts behind this program to help you decide if Eat Stop Eat is right for you.

Close-up of an obese man struggling to zip his pants.

Does It Work?

You might be sceptical about fasting for weight loss as it goes against the most common mantras of the diet industry. I certainly was until I read the the rigorous scientific explanations behind Pilon’s statements.

Fasting isn’t something that a billion dollar company can package up into a pill and sell. It’s free – and could even save money on your grocery bill! So it’s no surprise that big companies aren’t publicising this technique.

Pilon says “the less complicated a diet is, the better its chances of helping you obtain long lasting weight loss”. As someone who’s tried more than my share of bizarre crash diets, I can’t agree more! The more rules that came with the program, the more likely I was to quit out of frustration.

But who is this guy and why should we believe him? Well for starters, he has studied human nutrition to postgraduate level. He has six years of experience in the supplement industry and quit because he realized what a money-making scam it all was.

Eat Stop Eat thoroughly debunks claims that fasting will kill your metabolism or make you gain weight, citing at least six scientific studies which prove the opposite.

Eat Stop Eat also addresses the effect of intermittent fasting on muscle mass. Contrary to what you might expect, short term fasting does not affect exercise performance or cause muscle breakdown.

Pilon goes deep into the biochemical reasoning behind this for those who are interested.

An obese person pinching her waist.

What Do I Get for My Money?

For your money you’ll get a 212 page education on the basics of human nutrition and its role in weight loss. You also get a quick start guide which summarizes the basics.

Eat Stop Eat doesn’t shy away from scientific details. There are plenty. You may want to skim over these segments if you don’t feel like a biology lesson but for me, this inspires confidence in the author. Unlike so many weight loss programs, this book is completely free of wishy washy pseudo scientific promises.

After setting the groundwork, Pilon goes on to debunk some common fasting myths including the effect of fasting on testosterone levels and whether it’s really okay to skip breakfast.

Next up, Brad fills us in on the non-weight related benefits of fasting. And there are a lot! 34 pages to be precise. You can expect improved concentration and alertness and even increased lifespan.

By the time you’ve finished Eat Stop Eat you’ll probably be ready to teach a class on the benefits of intermittent fasting!

After the educational session, the remainder of the book covers the practicalities of incorporating intermittent fasting into your lifestyle.

Don’t expect a day-by-day recipe plan here. Remember, Pilon likes to keep it simple, saying: “Eat less, while enjoying the foods you eat. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables…and…most importantly, spend less time stressing over the types of food you are eating.”

I don’t think anyone can argue with that! Brad speaks the truth – a turning point in my own weight loss journey was discovering juicing. Once I upped my fruit and veg intake, I had so much more energy which gave me the boost I needed to succeed.

If you’re already familiar with the basics of a healthy diet, this attitude is freeing.

Similarly, the book encourages exercise at least twice a week – particularly weight lifting – but it doesn’t get into specifics. For me, this is a positive as working out is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Although the Eat Stop Eat plan certainly gives you freedom, it does go into detail on most of the questions you may have about fasting. When should I fast? How long can I fast for? Will I feel hungry? It’s all in there.

An obese and a thin person measuring their waists with tape.

What I Like

As I’ve already mentioned, this book takes a refreshingly simple approach to weight loss and doesn’t make any outrageous claims. You can trust the author’s qualifications and every statement is backed up by scientific research.

Eat Stop Eat isn’t just about weight loss. It covers every benefit of intermittent fasting in detail from anti-inflammatory effects to mental performance.

This is down to personal preference but I like how the author leaves the specifics of what you eat up to you. There are no restrictions or banned foods.

Not only does this encourage a healthy relationship with food, it means that the Eat Stop Eat plan will work with most lifestyles. Cooking for kids or grabbing a quick lunch during the work day? As long as you’re not hitting up a fast food joint, you don’t need to make any changes.

What I Dislike

Make no mistake, this book has a lot of long scientific explanations. If you don’t have at least high school biology, much of the theory may go over your head. That’s not a bad thing though, you can easily skip these parts and move on to the practical guide towards the end.

While Eat Stop Eat covers almost everything you could think of about fasting, it neglects some of the basics when it comes to diet and exercise. The book tells you when to eat and gives general recommendations such as avoiding salt and processed food, but it leaves the grocery list up to you.

While this is fine for experienced dieters, if you’re quitting junk food for the first time you’ll probably need to another source for recipes so you know what to cook on the “eat” days.

Luckily we’ve got plenty to get you started here on Health Ambition:

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Alternatives to Eat Stop Eat

My Verdict

Overall, I highly recommend Eat Stop Eat for almost everyone. If you’re sick and tired of restrictive diets and find it hard to stick with an exercise routine, Eat Stop Eat offers a new approach in the form of short term fasting.

Eat Stop Eat gives you countless reasons why short term fasting is worth a try. Not only is it proven to burn fat without muscle loss, it also boosts concentration and alertness.

Eat Stop Eat tells you everything you need to get started with intermittent fasting safely. You can trust the author’s advice – every statement in this book is supported by scientific studies.

I don’t know about you, but after reading Eat Fast Eat, I’ve already pencilled a few fast days into my calendar. I love the idea of giving your body a break from food to burn excess stores. It doesn’t require any effort at all, unlike a few painful hours of cardio at the gym! I can definitely see myself following this plan long term and am excited to see results!

Forget everything you thought you knew about weight loss – get Eat Stop Eat here.

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