Customized Fat Loss Review

Everyone’s body is different, and we each face our own struggle with body fat. Some of us fight to get rid of the flab around our bellies, while others just can’t eliminate that extra fat around their butt.

No matter what kind of fat you are trying to deal with, wouldn’t it be awesome to target that fat via your diet and workouts? You could get rid of that fat in no time, build muscle, and look your best!

Well, that’s what Customized Fat Loss promises to do.

What Is Customized Fat Loss?

Customized Fat Loss is a program designed to help you target the “trouble zones” in your body – the places where you have extra body fat. It is supposed to help you figure out your body type and metabolism, and you use that information to tailor your diet and exercise programs to your unique body for the purpose of fat loss.

Your plan is customized according to your age, weight, height, body type, and metabolism. You eat and work out according to your customized workout plan, with the goal of getting the best possible results!

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The Mind Behind the Program: Kyle Leon

Kyle Leon is a fitness trainer that has made his mark on the world thanks to his weight loss products.

According to all of the affiliate marketing websites promoting his product, he started life as a pretty skinny kid who was mocked by all his classmates. This led him to start working out, and after years he finally developed the body he wanted.

Kyle LeonFun fact: Kyle Leon played baseball in college. He had a .438 slugging percentage and a .379 on base percentage. Not bad!

He is a nutrition specialist, a personal trainer, and a fitness model – having appeared on the covers of a number of fitness magazines. He also serves on the fitness advisory board at BioTrust Nutrition, and acts as a spokesperson and senior product development consultant at a company named Blue Star Nutraceuticals.

Despite all of these fancy accolades, there is very little information about Kyle Leon available online. If you Google the name “Kyle Leon” or “Kyle Leon bio”, all you get is links to pages where his products are sold. This doesn’t mean that he isn’t who he says he is, it just casts a bit of doubt onto the veracity of his credentials. Without digging much deeper, Kyle Leon just looks like one more buff man.

Here’s hoping the product is better packaged than the “Kyle Leon” brand.

The Customized Fat Loss Package

Once you purchase the Customized Fat Loss program, you’re led to a landing page where you find a whole lot of pretty awesome resources at your disposal:

Quick Start Guide

This PDF teaches you how to use the software that will play a central role in helping you create the perfect diet and workout program for your body.

Customized Fat Loss Guide

A surprisingly short, 8-page booklet giving a basic intro to the program. The booklet discusses the body types, as well as how to figure out which you are.

Somatotyping Guide

This book takes a closer look at all six body types, helping people discover which they are.

How to Lose Your First 10 Pounds Guide

This book is a precursor to the Customized Fat Loss program. It’s a diet guide meant to be followed for a few days to help people adjust to the stricter diet and exercise rules of the program.

Customized Fat Loss Training Guide

There is a separate file for both men and women, with the goal of helping them create the ideal exercise program according to their body type, weight, age, etc.

Customized Fat Loss Supplementation Guide

This book takes a look the supplements Kyle Leon recommends for all those going through the program. (Of course, all of them can be purchased at his site – with links provided in the PDF.)

Customized Fat Loss Stack

This is just a promotion for the fat burners sold on the site – no real value here.

Peak in a Week

This is a guide to help you get from fit to fabulously fit in a week. Very useful tips on how to buff up for a photo shoot or modeling gig.

Secrets to Eating Out Guide

This book gives you tips on how you can eat out without packing back on the pounds you’ve lost.

11 Foods to Never Eat Guide

Seems pretty self-explanatory, right? The list of foods includes lunch meats, cooking sprays, canned soups, and salad dressings.

Exercise Demonstration Videos

For newbies hitting the gym for the first time, these videos give you a look at exactly how to do each of the exercises listed in the Customized Fat Loss workout program. Very handy to have!

Pretty great value, all things considered! Skip over the books promoting the Blue Star Nutraceuticals supplements, and you’ve got an awesome guide to helping you get in shape.

A Look at Customized Fat Loss

When you open the Customized Fat Loss Guide, it immediately tells you what the purpose of the program is:

Customized Fat Loss was created to quickly have you shedding the most fat possible without losing any of your metabolism-boosting lean muscle!

This is partially achieved by customizing your nutrition to everything about you – including your weight, age, height, metablolism, and, most importantly, your somatotype and exercise program.

The book gives you the three tips that will help you to be successful with the program:

Eat Only Single-Ingredient Foods

There is just one ingredient in vegetables, meats, whole grains, fruits, legumes, and nuts. These are the foods that are recommended for the diet. Anything with more than 1 ingredient is off the menu.

Never Eat Carbs Alone

Veggie are the only carbs you are permitted to eat solo while on the diet, all the rest are to be eaten alongside protein. This prevents blood sugar rushes that lead to fat storage.

Take a Fish Oil Supplement

It’s recommended in order to increase your sensitivity to insulin, the hormone that regulates your body’s fat and carbohydrate metabolism.

WARNING: Fish Oil May Not Work as Promised

According to one article published by the IUMSP in France[1], taking fish oil helped to reduce triglycerides (fat in storage form), but had no effect on insulin.

According to another article published on Science Direct [2], healthy individuals taking fish oil supplements saw no difference in their insulin sensitivity, secretion of insulin, or glucose tolerance.

The Customized Fat Loss program promotes fish oil as a muscle-building, weight loss supplement, but science has proven that it isn’t.


When you do research into the different body types, you’ll find that most sources will tell you about the primary three:


Skinny, with a light build, plenty of lean muscle, and small joints. They have a hard time packing on the pounds of muscle, and rarely have to struggle with weight loss. Their metabolism is usually very fast, so they burn a lot of calories every day.


The winners of the genetic lottery. Large bone structure, large muscles, and athletic physique. They can gain and lose weight easily, and have a much easier time packing on muscle mass. They respond well to weight training, with a bit of light cardio thrown in to prevent weight gain.


Solid, soft body type, characterized by large quantities of fat, thick arms and legs, and with very strong legs. They find it hard to lose weight, as their metabolism is very slow. More cardio is needed along with weight training to get in shape.

However, aside from these three primary somatotypes, the Customized Fat Loss talks about four more specific body types:


This is an ectomorph with some mesomorph traits. They tend to be skinnier, but have a larger bone structure. They can gain weight and muscle mass more easily, but their metabolism still makes it a challenge.


This is a person with a medium to large bone structure, musculature, and a more athletic physique. They gain weight more slowly, but it’s a good body type to have if you want to get good definition of your muscles.


This body type is people that have a very large bone structure, large muscles, but a physique that tends to pack on pounds of fat. They pack on muscle and fat easily, but losing the fat is a challenge.


This body type gains fat very easily, and tends to be as soft as the endomorph. However, they have the defined chest of a mesomorph, and can turn their fat into muscle with weights and plenty of cardio.

The guide tells you how to figure out which body type you are, an important step in the Customized Fat Loss process.

Check the video where Kyle talks about somatotypes

Customized Fat Loss Training

The Customized Fat Loss Training Guide comes for both men and women, and the books come with quite a few differences.

For Men

The book starts out taking a look at a few ways you can boost the effectiveness of your workout, such as:

  • Training to and past failure
  • Doing ripped sets
  • Resting properly
  • Using free weight and machines
  • and more…

From there, the guide breaks down the pros and cons of different types of cardio workouts, including:

  • HIIT
  • Low intensity cardio

After the pros and cons, it gets into the workout guide. Each workout is designed specifically for a body type.

There are 5 workouts per week, and 12 total weeks of working out. This means that there are 60 workouts for each body type! With 7 body types, that’s a total of 430 unique workouts.

For Women

Instead of getting right into the weightlifting, the book looks at a few of the weightlifting myths many women believe. These include:

  • Lifting weights will give you huge muscles
  • Weight training makes you inflexible
  • Women should only lift light weights
  • and more…

From there, the book moves on to the same discussion of the types of cardio, and breaks down the workouts into the various body types.

Again, 5 workouts per week, 12 weeks of working out, 7 different body types.

Other Books

The books listed above are the ones that really matter for the Customized Fat Loss program, and you can do without most of the others.

The Supplementation Guide just tells you to buy their supplements, and the Fat Melting Stack Guide is the same.

The Bonus Downloads do offer a bit more value, but they’re the kind of freebie you find in just about every workout program!

Trouble in Customized Fat Loss Paradise?

If you do a Google Search for “Customized Fat Loss complaints”, you’ll find that the Pissed Consumer website is near the top of the page. On Pissed Consumer, there are over 40 complaints about the program, including:

“Extremely terrible customer service.”

”Despite the number of emails I have sent, to the admin or “Sara” or “Kelly” who claim to be part of the Kyle Leon team and are here to help consumers, I have yet to hear back.”

”I am trying to request refund, but they have made it impossible. There is NO number and impossible to get a response. I need Kyle Leon representatives to contact me and confirm the Cancellation and refund.”

“I wrote to them again asking for a refund as it wouldn’t work for me with my lifestyle. That was almost 4 months ago, and I have never received a response to my numerous emails. When I complained to the BBB (of which they are not a member), they did respond that I must have slipped through the cracks and they were so sorry and I would have my refund issued that day. That was a couple weeks ago and still no refund. So much for the 1 year Money Back Guarantee they promised.”

Not a good sign for the Customized Fat Loss program!

What We Think of Customized Fat Loss

On the face of it, Customized Fat Loss looks just like one of many other weight loss, muscle-building programs out there. However, after reviewing it, we’ve formed our opinion on it.

We’re Not Fond Of

  • Customer complaints. They never bode well for a company, and 44 complaints is certainly not a good thing.
  • The lack of information on the “science” behind the program. No links to published articles on the topic were provided.

We Love

  • The program itself. It is easy to understand, and it is very easy for anyone to follow.
  • The flexibility and versatility of the workout and diet program. Even newbies that have never lifted a weight in their life receive adequate instruction on how to begin.
  • The exercise demonstration videos. They show you how to do the exercises right – a real problem if you’ve never worked with a personal trainer.
  • The reading materials. They’re easy to read, and they make it easy to capture the information with even a cursory glance.


Overall, the Customized Fat Loss program is comprehensive, user-friendly, and very easy to understand. Anyone reading it will find that they can quickly grasp the purpose of the fat burning program, making it much easier for them to stick with it. It is a complete program that provides all the information a dieter will need to lose weight and burn fat.

Final Verdict: 4 stars

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