Vitamin and supplement capsules with the title "Can Taking Too Much Probiotics Be an Issue?"

Can Taking Too Much Probiotics Be an Issue?

The science-backed benefits of probiotics for digestion, immunity and inflammatory conditions are enough to convince most people to give them a try. Many physicians and other healthcare professionals recommend their use in specific cases too. (source) As the popularity of probiotics has skyrocketed, manufacturers have been producing more powerful formulas with high CFU (colony forming unit) counts. …

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A spoonful of salt or kefir grains with the title "Do Probiotics Have Side Effects?"

Do Probiotics Have Side Effects?

If you take any interest in the health and nutrition world, I’m sure you’ve heard of probiotics. Going by online reviews, it seems like they can cure almost any ailment! However, you must not forget that caveat emptor or “buyer beware” still applies. Unlike pharmaceutical medicines, most probiotic pills for oral consumption are classed as foods rather than drugs. This …

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