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What to Eat After a Juice Cleanse

Article at a Glance Solid foods should be re introduced slowly after a juice cleanse 5 days is an optimal amount of time to re introduce solid foods Days 1 and 2 should offer light meals of fruit and leafy greens Day 3 should incorporate nuts and gluten free grains Day 4 can introduce organic,

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What Is Concentrated Juice and Is It Healthy?

Article at a Glance Concentrated juice is made by removing the majority of the water content and freezing the remainder. Some concentrated juices contain added sugar and preservatives. Look for 100% pure fruit juice when buying concentrated juice. Concentrated juice has been around for decades, and is a convenient way to provide your family with

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Tart Cherry Juice Benefits and Recipes

At a Glance Tart cherry is a sweet and sour berry with a unique taste Tart cherry juice contains some impressive nutrients which are extremely beneficial to health. Tart cherries may improve muscle recovery, help relieve arthritis and gout, improve heart health and could even help you sleep better. Tart cherries are grown throughout the

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Neem Juice Benefits and Recipes

At a Glance Neem juice adds healing properties to any juice. Neem juice contains many powerful nutrients which provide antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Neem juice improves dental health, aids in weight loss, has the potential to treat and prevent cancer, keeps skin healthy and maintains blood sugar levels. Although records are unclear, most evidence suggests

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Lime Juice Benefits and Recipes

At a Glance Tangy limes are guaranteed to give an extra edge to any juice Limes contain a wide variety of nutrients which are essential to maintain your health. Health benefits of lime juice may include preventing arthritis, helping diabetes, anti-bacterial properties and fighting cancer. It is thought that limes were first grown in Indonesia

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Juicing Recipes for Thyroid and Hypothyroidism

At a Glance The thyroid is a gland which secretes an essential hormone, thyroxine. Hypothyroidism affects an estimated 27 million Americans, and can be caused by a variety of different factors. Juicing can help to improve thyroid function by providing a concentrated source of raw, natural ingredients. We don’t really think about our thyroid gland

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