Microwaved popcorn poured out in front of its bag.

3 Microwave Popcorn Health Risks

Note: Because Microwave popcorn can be very dangerous for you, we recommend replacing pop corn with organic farm nuts. They’re both healthier and tastier. If you have any question about this product, feel free to ask about it in the comments. Popcorn ‘nuked’ in those microwave bags with the shiny silver insides are a very popular …

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A hand is pouring olive oil on a plate of healthy food.

Is Olive Oil Healthy?

Olive oil has a long and rich history in many ancient cultures. Evidence of the use of olive oil has been found even before ancient Egyptian times; believe it or not, people in the Eastern Mediterranean regions have been using olive oil since around 6000 BC. Spain is the largest producer of olive oil with …

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