Woman in red shoes standing next to one of the best adjustable kettle balls at the gym.

Best Adjustable Kettle Bells

At a Glance The Russians invented kettlebells, yet this piece of gym equipment has earned its international status. Kettlebells create an effective total body workout and that’s why it has such a solid popularity within the fitness community – kettlebells work! However, now we have a new kid on the block – adjustable kettlebells. Just …

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Woman working out at the gym on one of the best adjustable weight bench.

Best Adjustable Weight Bench

At a Glance Imagine the scene: here we are, the proud owners of our very own set of weights, fantastic! So let’s get cracking on all of the exercises that are possible in standing up and lying down positions. After a few training sessions, most people generally start to realize that you have fairly limited …

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Woman works out with one of the best exercise ball at home.

Best Exercise Ball

At a Glance Most people have heard of exercise balls and have probably seen them on racks at the gym, or even for sale at your local Walmart. The thing is, exercise balls have been around for years – think Jane Fonda circa 1982 in a shiny purple leotard and matching headband – yet many …

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Woman trying her best to pose on the flooring of her home gym.

Best Flooring for Home Gym

At a Glance When designing a home gym, many people focus their attention on the equipment. However, one fundamental area often overlooked is what you stand on – the flooring. The best flooring for a home gym provides the foundations towards any workout and it will become clear why. Therefore to help you hit the …

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