Better Breakfasts For A Better Day

Avocado slices.

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Not only is your body in serious need of sustenance and nutrients after long hours of sleeping, it also sets the tone for your energy levels for the rest of the day to come.

Ahead is why what most people have to start the day is making them tired and hungry by the middle of the morning. Also how it often leads to a cycle of overeating and weight gain. Following that are some better breakfasts that help you lose weight and provide a more stable kind of energy.

Most people have wheat-based and sugar laden cereals or heavily refined white bread for breakfast. Some skip it altogether, only to grab a high carbohydrate snack mid-morning. All of these common breakfast choices digest extremely quickly and risk raising your blood sugar levels too high. Once this happens, excess insulin is released to deal with the quite serious threat of your blood having too much sugar in it.

dozens of eggs piled on each other.

Breakfast, Insulin and Body Fat

Insulin is an important hormone which plays a key role in the regulation of blood glucose levels in your body. It does this by first removing sugar from your bloodstream whenever it rises above normal levels. It can then store some of these sugars in your liver and muscles as glycogen, but elevated amounts are often converted to fat and deposited in the adipose tissues of your body.

This process usually starts happening around the waist and hips, but over time more and more fat storage areas must be found. A simple look around next time you’re walking down the street will show that this process is a very common one with our ‘modern’ high carbohydrate diets.

Your body isn’t actually very good at handling large amounts of refined carbohydrates without high levels of fiber to slow down the speed at which they convert to simple sugars. The insulin that is produced to deal with the sudden influx of sugar, usually from processed grains or sweets, often works too well. So much glucose is removed from your blood that your body is suddenly in a state of low blood sugar.

An avocado sliced in half.

When this happens you will feel tired and lethargic and before long you are usually very hungry again, often for more of the same type of foods that got you there in the first place. So you have another high carbohydrate snack. It makes you feel good again, for a while, but now you’re back on the blood sugar roller coaster again of brief highs and longer lows throughout the day. There is a better way.

Once you understand the effect high glycemic grain products, like breakfast cereals or white bread, have on your blood sugar levels you can see why they are such a poor meal to start the day with. A far better choice for breakfast is one that is high in slow digesting protein like eggs or rich in healthy fats like avocados. These will keep your blood sugar stable for many hours and you’ll be much less likely to be hungry again in a short space of time. Ultimately this leads to eating less as well as minimizing insulin’s fat storing process in your body.

Better Breakfasts for Weight Loss and Stable Energy

A great example of an egg breakfast is this super healthy omelette with shiitake mushrooms. It tastes far better than anything in a cardboard box and will fill you up and provide a much longer lasting energy than you will ever get from toast or cereal. And since your blood sugar stays stable with the more prolonged digestion time of the protein in the eggs, you’ll be much less likely to be craving something sweet before lunch.

An omelette with mushrooms.

Boiled, poached or scrambled eggs can be great too, just avoid having bread with them. Meals like this that are primarily protein are considered highly thermogenic, meaning they increase your body’s fat burning potential. So while eggs may not be ‘low fat’, when eaten without too many carbohydrates they are actually an excellent weight loss food.

Surprising to some, a breakfast high in healthy monounsaturated fats like avocado can also be thermogenic. While it’s true that fats have more calories than carbohydrates, they also provide a much higher level of satiety, that feeling of satisfied fullness.

Because the primarily monounsaturated fats in avocados have a much less pronounced effect on blood sugar levels than cereal or toast they keep your energy and mental focus on a steady plane. It will also be likely to be a lot longer before you’re feeling hungry again after eating them.

An avocado sliced in half.

For a very simple but surprisingly filling breakfast take half a large ripe avocado and score the green pulp with a knife. Drizzle it with lemon juice and season it with a pinch of Himalayan crystal salt and cracked pepper. Scoop it out straight from the skin with a teaspoon for a delicious breakfast that will fill you up for hours. Make sure you have it without bread if you want to activate its fat burning potential.


What other kind of better breakfasts do you enjoy? I’d especially like to hear about what you’ve found fills you up well and provides a steady and stable energy for the rest of the morning.

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  • I have found your article extremely interesting as I have recently started eating a mixture of tomatoes & avacadoes with lime juice mixed in. I serve it with a small scoop of cottage cheese. I am interested what the effect the cottage cheese would have on the sugar levels.

  • Very informative articles on your site, thank you.
    Any other suggestions for fibre rich foods at breakfast in addition to or instead of high protein breakfasts to have on alternate days for example?
    Look forward to your advice.

  • Eggs are the best bet to ward off early noon stomach growls! I like having them with a couple of cherry tomatoes and a good dash of sweet parpika. Another breakfast that I find to be quite filling is light Greek yoghurt (strained) with pecans/walnuts and a tsp of honey.

    • Hi Niki,

      Real yogurt with nuts would be another good breakfast. Unfortunately most yogurt in the supermarket these days is full of HFCS so it really needs to be unflavored and bio-live.

      Thanks for your comments.

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