What is the Best Yohimbe Supplement Brand to Buy in 2017?

Yohimbe is a once obscure health supplement which now becoming more and more widely available. Many people choose to include it as part of their daily routine for a variety of different reasons. But what’s all the fuss about? Is it really good for your health?

We decided to take a closer look at what exactly yohimbe is, its uses and the true health benefits. I’ll also share my recommendation for the best yohimbe supplement.

What is Yohimbe?

Yohimbe is made from the bark of an evergreen tree which grows in western Africa.

The main active ingredient is yohimbine, an alkaloid. Alkaloids act as a plant’s nitrogen reserve and contain potentially toxic substances which deter animals and insects from eating the plant.

In humans, yohimbine is thought to act primarily on the adrenergic system which controls the amount of adrenaline released in the body. This in turn has a significant effect on the neurological system.

Who Needs Yohimbe?

Yohimbe is most commonly used as a health supplement for its aphrodisiac effects, to treat erectile dysfunction and as a weight loss aid.

With research now able to tell us more about yohimbe and its effect on the human body, we decided to examine the evidence.

Erectile Dysfunction

Let’s face it, erectile dysfunction isn’t something we really like to talk about, but with some statistics suggesting over 50% of men are affected at some point in their lives, it is a very real problem.

Yohimbe has been shown to be an effective in improving erectile disfunction by up to 73% (source). If you or a loved one is affected by this upsetting condition, a yohimbe supplement is most likely worth a try.


Many conventional medicines which are used to treat conditions such as depression, come with the unfortunate side effect of killing your libido - i.e. sexual desire.

Yohimbe has been shown to reverse these effects and enhance sexual behavior (source).

Weight Loss and Fat Burning

The science behind any weight loss program is simple: use more energy than you consume.

In practice, however, most of us know it’s not so easy to achieve. Yohimbe has been shown in some studies to reduce the effect of substances in the body that discourage fat burning – a plus for anyone trying to lose weight (source).

Appetite Suppression

One of the keys to a successful weight loss program is to make sure you don’t give in to hunger pangs when they occur.

Some studies suggest yohimbe can help to suppress appetite, and so could be a useful addition to weight loss program (source).

Increases Brain Power

One recent study found that users who took yohimbine showed improved performance in mental alertness tasks. The dose examined was 15 mg of the active ingredient (source).

Helps To Reduce Fear And Phobias

In situations where we experience fear, the emotional and and physical symptoms can be debilitating to the point of drastically affecting everyday life.

Yohimbe has been shown in some studies to decrease fear and the symptoms of phobias (source).

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

National statistics suggest more than 15 per cent of children and young adults are affected by ADHD. ADHD is a condition characterized by differences in the brain that make it harder for individuals to sit still and focus on a specific task.

Some research suggests yohimbe can increase the effectiveness of other medications, like nortriptyline, when taken for symptoms of ADHD (source)

Precautions For Use

Research has shown that taking yohimbe after food decreases its effectiveness – so it follows that this is a supplement that should be taken on an empty stomach (source).

Some unpleasant side effects of yohimbe have been reported; some users experience nausea, abdominal pain, dizziness and agitation. At higher doses around 15-20mg of the active ingredient, heart palpitations and increased blood pressure may occur.

Some studies suggest taking too much yohimbe can have negative effects. 30 mg of the active ingredient, yohimbine, can result in increased anxiety and increase symptoms in people who are susceptible to panic attacks (source).

One concern regarding yohimbe supplements is the accuracy of labeling in terms of how much of the active ingredient is in the product. Given the possible side effects of yohimbe, it is highly recommended that whatever product you choose, be sure you know how much of the active ingredient you are taking. A good idea is to start with a very small dose and build up gradually.

What is the Best Yohimbe Supplement?

With a variety of manufacturers marketing yohimbe in different forms, it’s difficult to know which is the best yohimbe supplement for your needs.

Although the unpleasant taste may be off-putting for some people, powdered forms may be preferred by those who find it difficult to swallow capsules. Other people may prefer the convenience of a capsule.

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve reviewed five of the top products currently available on the market.



Our rating

As members of the US Natural Products Association, Alfa Vitamins offer a high quality product at an excellent price. Interestingly, users generally report fewer side effects for this product than for some of the others we considered.


  • 60 capsules per container (30 servings)
  • 800 mg yohimbe per capsule
  • Produced in the US
  • FDA approved
  • GMP approved


  • Contains gelatin



Our rating

A Utah-based company owned by a family originally from Fiji, Herbal Island’s products are based on herbal medicine traditionally used in Fiji. Herbal Island state their products are of the highest quality.

One downside to using powdered yohimbe is the unpleasant taste, which may make this a non-starter for some.


  • Powder form
  • 4 oz. pack contains 100-200 servings (depending on dose)
  • 4% yohimbine
  • Majority of users report good effects


  • Unpleasant taste



Our rating

With a company history spanning more than 40 years, Solaray is a well-known, trusted brand.

Their product combines yohimbe with saw palmetto, which supports good prostate health. One drawback that comes with this product is that it does not specifically state to amount of yohimbe it contains, and it is not suitable for vegetarians and vegans as the capsule contains gelatin. This was also the most expensive product we reviewed.


  • 100 capsules per container (33 servings)
  • 490 mg blended product
  • Includes saw palmetto for prostate health
  • Most users report good effects
  • Easy to swallow capsules


  • Does not specify yohimbe content
  • Contains gelatin



Our rating

Established for almost 10 years, Real Herbs pride themselves on using only quality ingredients, and test their raw ingredients for contaminants, heavy metals and pesticides.

Their money back guarantee is an assurance of customer satisfaction.


  • 100 capsules per container (100 servings)
  • 100 mg yohimbe per capsule
  • Standardized to 3% yohimbine
  • FDA and GMP approved
  • Most users report positive results
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Money back guarantee


  • Many users experience side effects



Our rating

A trusted brand offering a high quality product produced in the US, Puritan’s Pride’s Yohimbe comes in at an excellent price. In fact, it’s the least expensive product we considered, and comes in a convenient one a day capsule.


  • 50 capsules per container (50 servings)
  • 2000 mg yohimbe per capsule
  • Produced in the US
  • Money back guarantee


  • Some users report side effects

Our Choice

My personal pick for the best yohimbe supplement is the Alfa Vitamins Yohimbe. For starters, the fact that it’s made in the US to FDA and GMP standards, this product is of high quality.

While the inclusion of gelatin make this product unsuitable for vegetarians and vegans, the convenient capsule makes it easy to take on an empty stomach and it avoids the unpleasant taste of a powder. Users generally did not report any unpleasant side effects, and the product is priced very competitively. We felt this was our clear winner.

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