What is the Best Multivitamin for Athletes, Runners & Bodybuilding?

Diet is hugely important for athletes of all types. Let's face it - you’re not going to run very far if you’re fuelled by processed junk food. This is why most athletes are very conscientious when it comes to nutrition and prepare healthy meals from scratch.

However, our diets are primarily determined by the local crops of the region we call home. Apples or grapes, dates or bananas – and that’s if you’re lucky enough to have a farmer’s market or grocery store with fresh produce nearby.

Variety is the spice of life and the key to optimum performance so multivitamins are a great way to supplement our limited diets with essential nutrients needed to be healthy. I’ve picked out some top products in the hopes of identifying the best multivitamin for athletes runners and bodybuilding.

New SuperVitamin Classification

The multivitamins industry is changing, partially as a response to professional sports developments. Early football players wore simple leather helmets. Nowadays, professional football players wear hard plastic helmets because they are bigger, faster and stronger. The same is true for multivitamin supplements for athletes, runners and bodybuilding.

NFL running back Adrian Petersen rewrote the time table for rehabilitation of his torn ACL thanks to modern surgery, recovery techniques, nutritional guidelines and multivitamins. In many ways, there is a new, higher class of multivitamins emerging, called “supervitamins.”

Original multivitamins were a basic complement of about two dozen minerals, nutrients and vitamins. They might include more vitamin C for immune support or complex B vitamins for overall good health and a more efficient metabolism.

This video covers the basics when it comes to multivitamins:

This Isn’t Your Grandpa’s Multivitamin

The “supervitamin” includes all of the essential nutrients, plus MSM, CoQ10, Asian ginseng, ashwagandha (source) or others. Supervitamins might use proprietary blends for amino acids, performance and digestion functions.

Body builders who want large muscle mass can add MSM, glucosamine and Vitamin B12 in a supervitamin supplement. Marathon runners can use supervitamins with their “carb-loading” sessions (source)

Do you know which are the best multivitamins for diabetics?

World Wide Nutrition

The global village is also sharing its nutritional secrets to create more potent, healthy dietary supplements. Western herbal practitioners are discovering the benefits of the Ayurvedic (Indian) and Chinese herbs. Some of these Eastern herbs have been used for millennia with well-documented benefits.

The only drawback to supervitamins is that their potency requires more careful usage. Users must be very careful about following product recommendations for supervitamins.

Comparison of Best Multivitamin for Athletes

Runners want to build up their leg muscles and not add too much weight. They will usually need to focus on preparing for a special race distance with a step interval workout schedule.

Professional athletes might be performing in games more regularly than the average individual. The shorter recovery time between contests may require a more concentrated multivitamin with glucosamine to repair injured joints.

Body builders will generally want to add bulk and could use whey protein to give them the amino acids to rebuild their cells. Multivitamins rich in Vitamin B12 can give them the energy boost they need to reach the next level.



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Hard core body builders need to generate a lot of energy to complete their rigorous workouts. Muscle Tech Platinum Multivitamin Advanced Formula could be classified as a supervitamin because it includes minerals, vitamin, nutrients and herbs

Muscle Tech offers the following:
Runners: Enzyme complex improves digestion.
Athletes: Vitamin B complex for dexterity.
Body Builders: Amino acids complex good for building muscles.

The heaviest concentrations of nutrients in this Muscle Tech supplement are thiamin, riboflavin and vitamin B6. When you are burning up a lot of calories hoping to make your metabolism more efficient, a kick from these vitamin B complex nutrients is essential. These ingredients also assist you in creating a healthy central nervous system.

Besides the aforementioned nutrients, you can also enjoy special mixtures of herbal ingredients. The Amino Acids Support Matrix has glycine, alpha lipoic acid, L-methonine, L-argine, L-cysteine and others. The Herbal Matrix includes green tea, saw palmetto, American ginseng, echinacea, green coffee bean extract, tumeric and others.

The powerful weight loss digestive ingredients of amylase and papain are present in the Enzyme Complex. The Minerals Support Complex includes inositol.


  • Well-rounded assortment of nutrients & herbs
  • Ideal for body builders


  • Includes gluten



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Athletes who want to prevent joint and connective tissue injuries might want to try the Controlled Labs Orange Triad Multivitamin. Anti-inflammatory ingredients can help with soreness, sprains and tightness.

By taking Controlled Labs Orange Triad Multivitamin, you can give your muscles, tendons, cartilage and ligaments, the nutrients they need to recover. This Orange Triad supplement can help you increase the intensity of your workouts.

Orange Triad offers the following:
Runners: Vitamin C for immune support.
Athletes: MSM is powerful ingredient for building strength.
Body Builders: Glucosamine is key nutrient for efficient metabolism.

Orange Triad includes high concentrations of the following nutrients: Vitamin C, thiamin, riboflavin, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. The Joint Complex has glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, which can be used for those who might be rehabilitating knee, elbow or hip injuries.

Flex Complex ingredients are MSM, bromelain and hyaluronic acid. The Digestion and Immune Complex ingredients include echinacea, ginger, blueberry, lycopene and others.


  • Joint, Flex, Digestion & Immune Complexes
  • Ideal for athletes


  • Contains shellfish



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You can accelerate the benefits of your fitness workout with the power-packed Universal Nutrition Animal Supplement. These small multipacks are easy to take with you – just toss them in your workout bag.

Body builders and professional athletes are the primary consumers of the Universal Nutrition Animal Supplement multipacks. This product provides the essential nutrients to transform a docile human into a feral animal.

Universal Animal Pakoffers the following:
Runners: Vitamin C for immune support and detoxification.
Athletes: Performance Complex has ginseng and PABA.
Body Builders: Amino Acid Complex rebuilds your muscles.

The top ingredients for the Universal Nutrition Animal Supplement improve energy, immune support, metabolism efficiency and energy production: Vitamin C, Vitamin E, thiamin, riboflavin and vitamin B6. If you need a burst of energy, just take out one of the multipacks and you are primed for action.

Assist your body with cell repair via the Amino Acid Complex ingredients of alanine, arginine, cystine, glutamic acid, aspartic acid, tryptophan and others. Keep your body safe while optimizing your fitness workouts using the Performance Complex ingredients of Uni-Liver, carnitine, inositol, milk thistle, oriental ginseng, PABA and others.

The Antioxidant Complex has alpha lipoic acid, CoQ10, lutein and others for weight loss. The Digestive Enzyme Complex has bromelain, inulin, lipase, papain and VegPeptase2000. VegPeptase2000 is an "acid stable protease enzyme blend," including aspergillus niger and bacillus subtilis.


  • Small Sachets for Workouts
  • Performance Complex Uni-Liver
  • Digestive Enzyme Complex with VegPeptase2000


  • Contains Shellfish



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The Legion Triumph All in One Multivitamin packs a punch with 22 essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Made for men or women of all age groups, the Legion multivitamin is good for general health, well-being and enhancement of physical, mental and emotional performance.

Legion Triumph offers the following:
Runners: Powerful dosage of Vitamin B12 for all around good health.
Athletes: Minerals for healing joint injuries.
Body Builders: Nutrients for increasing energy levels.

The top concentrations are for Vitamin D and Vitamin B Complex ingredients. Iodine, zinc and chromium are minerals present in high concentrations. Herbal ingredients include garlic, ashwagandha, CoQ10 and others. This multivitamin has more nutrients for alleviating joint aches, inflammation and fatigue.


  • Power-packed vitamin B Complex
  • Alleviates aches & inflammation
  • Ideal for bodybuilders


  • Not many enzymes



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Endorsements demonstrate that you have satisfied all of the fitness industry requirements, proven to be effective and been successful in promoting your brand. Fitness programs, such as Beachbody, P90 and Hip Hop Abs all recommend the ActiVit Multivitamins Natural Metabolism Formula (source).

ActiVit offers the following:
Runners: Selenium for skin health.
Athletes: Vitamin D for healthy bones
Body Builders: Chromium for energy release.

While the top bodybuilders may want to maximize certain ingredients, regular fitness fans probably don’t need more than 100% RDA. Certain maladies can result if you overburden your body with certain ingredients.

ActiVit Multivitamins Natural Metabolism Formula keeps the nutrients near the 100% RDA level with only Vitamin D (essential for strong teeth and bones) being listed at 250% RDA.

ActiVit includes essential minerals, such as chromium (helps with energy release) and selenium (a good antioxidant for skin health and immune support). It also has green tea extract for detox and weight loss.


  • Good RDA Balance
  • Ideal for Cardiovascular


  • Poor Taste

And the Winner Is ...

Muscle Tech Platinum Multivitamin Advanced Formula

In my opinion, the high-potency MuscleTech product is the best multivitamin for athletes runners & bodybuilding. Users claim a higher energy level, fewer illnesses and better sleep. It can be even used for weight loss. MuscleTech Platinum Essential Series won the 2014 "Award of Excellence for the Most Innovative Brand of the Year" from bodybuilding.com.

While the other dietary supplements are full of very important nutrients, none includes all of the power-packed ingredients as MuscleTech. The best multivitamin for athletes runners & bodybuilding can also be used for a full range of maladies providing the all-important energy that so many are lacking nowadays.

Just like when my friend thought that I had become pregnant due to added inches around my waist, you might be struggling to control your weight. MuscleTech is a solid all-around dietary supplement that can help you with weight management too. It will provide more necessary nutrients to keep you healthy while you trim the pounds, increase your reps or set new athletic records.

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