What are the Best Cellulite Creams Available?

Cellulite has long been the bane of my existence. Since I seem to be genetically prone to lumpy and bumpy skin, I have to take extra steps to minimize its appearance and keep it from getting worse.

Believe me, I’ve tried everything! From toying with my diet, to trying new exercise programs, lathering up in brightening creams and smoothing scrubs - I’ve literally experimented with it all.

That’s why I’m here to share what I’ve learned along the way. I’ve been through the full gamut of cellulite cures and have found that a mixture of solutions that works best.

The number one way to eliminate cellulite forever is to eat healthy foods and exercise. However, I’ve found that cellulite creams, when used along with diet and exercise, can produce great results too. Creams can help provide more immediate assistance as you try to lose fat through lifestyle changes.

Today I want to share the best cellulite creams I’ve found on the market. If you aren’t yet sure if cellulite cream is a good choice for you, read on to find out. I discuss who should try a cellulite cream and how to choose the right one when you’re ready. Let’s get started.

Who Should Try a Cellulite Cream?

If you’ve long been embarrassed by the appearance of cellulite on your body, cellulite cream could be a solution for you. Or perhaps you’re new to the club and cellulite has only recently shown up in your life. Either way, cellulite can not only cause aggravation but also decreased confidence. This is apparent mainly in women since we tend to bare our skin a little more when those summer months come along. Luckily men get to hide their thighs in board shorts!

The shocking news for most people is that cellulite is not always caused by excess fat. I know a lot of people, myself included, jump right to the conclusion that they must be overweight if they notice cellulite on their body. This is not always the case. Cellulite can affect people of any gender, age, or race. Cellulite can be caused by genetics but most often it’s caused by eating poorly or not exercising.

The good news is that anyone struggling with cellulite can potentially benefit from a cellulite cream. Cellulite creams come in different shapes and sizes, as we ourselves do. I’ll go further in depth about some of your options below. Just remember that while there are different intensities available, most can provide results quickly. This means that summer pool party invitation you’ve been avoiding doesn’t have to be so frightening.

So who should try a cellulite cream? Anyone who is experiencing cellulite and is ready to attack it from all angles!

What Can a Cellulite Cream Do For You?

Here’s where I have to introduce some bad news. The bad news is that cellulite creams are mostly a temporary solution to a long term problem. While cellulite won’t disappear overnight, there are definitely ways to minimize its appearance for a few hours to a few days. This is great news for anyone who has a special occasion on the calendar.

Cellulite cream can boost your confidence, allow you to wear something you normally keep in your closet and give you time to potentially work on the root of your cellulite problem. If your cellulite is an effect of weight gain or poor lifestyle habits then you will have to combine the cream usage with other healthy habits like diet, exercise and hydration. There are even some workouts specifically designed to fight cellulite!

All these tools combined with give you the best results when it comes to cellulite reduction. The cream itself will tone, moisturize and firm your skin. Most creams are designed to tighten up your skin, which of course helps smooth out those stubborn dimples. Hydrated skin is happy skin so the extra moisturization you’ll be gaining will go a long way to improving your skin’s health.

Cellulite cream can give your body that much needed boost of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and moisture; things that you’ve likely been neglecting when faced with a bad case of cellulite. Cellulite cream will leave your skin looking and feeling very happy.

How to Choose the Right Cellulite Cream

Choosing the right cellulite cream has a lot to do with its ingredients. There are certain ingredients that are known to provide better results than others. When checking out creams, look for ones that contain caffeine and/or retinol.

Retinol is an important ingredient to keep an eye out for when choosing the right cellulite cream. According to ABC News, “Retinol is supposed to work by being able to penetrate the skin, exfoliate it, and increase collagen production, which makes skin thicker and hides the dimpling fat.”

The problem is that too much retinol can actually dry out your skin, causing redness and peeling. The good news is that most manufacturers have dialed in the perfect dose to use in their cellulite cream so you won’t have to worry about overuse. Choosing a cellulite cream with retinol is going to guarantee you are getting the ingredients you need to fight cellulite in the best way possible.

Caffeine acts as a stimulant and helps dilate blood vessels which can temporarily tone and tighten skin tissue. Caffeine cream can also improve circulation and decrease water retention, both helpers in reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Where do you find a good amount of caffeine? In coffee of course. Coffee’s powerful antioxidants may help your body release harmful toxins which your skin will truly be thankful for.

Caffeine is frequently found in cellulite creams because of its ability to increase blood flow to the skin and work as a diuretic, meaning that it helps flush you out, according to Editor-in-Chief of Allure Magazine.

According to Women’s Health natural beauty expert, Renee Loux, coffee grounds can be “moderately effective” at treating cellulite. Choosing fresh ground coffee can even help increase the benefits since they hold onto more antioxidants and caffeine than old coffee grounds.

Another ingredient I want to quickly mention is aminophylline. Aminophylline is an interesting discovery in the world of cellulite. It was initially used as an ingredient in asthma medications but some people now claim applying it topically can help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

The truth is that aminophylline cream actually dehydrates the skin, making it appear tighter. It’s similar to how diuretics work; removing water from your body to help you lose weight, instead of removing fat. Instead of this ingredient removing cellulite, it’s just drying out your skin to make it appear more taut. Until more research is done on this ingredient, I’d probably try avoiding products that contain it.

The bad news is that even when you know the best ingredients to look for in a cellulite cream there are still an overwhelming amount of options out there. To ease the struggle, I’ve narrowed it down to 5 of the best cellulite creams below. I review the pros and cons of each, ultimately landing on my favorite. Let me know what you think!

If you have a favorite cream that I haven’t listed here, I’d love to hear about it. I love getting suggestions from my readers, especially when it comes to products they’ve actually tried themselves.

Pure Body Naturals Hot Cream



Our rating

The first thing that drew me to this cellulite cream was the fact that it is 100% natural and 87% organic. Often when using over-the-counter products, it’s hard to find options that are truly natural and made well. This product appears to be an exception. It comes equipped with aromatic essential oils and muscle-relaxant properties to soothe your mind and your aches and pains.

As for cellulite, the juniper and sweet basil helps improve your blood circulation and strengthen your skin’s connective tissue. The addition of rosemary and cinnamon oil help tighten and firm your skin, giving you a young, smooth appearance.

One thing to note is the potential intensity of the product for new buyers. Some users suggested easing your way into the application. Instead of applying it as the directions suggest, cut it down drastically and start slow.

This product claims to increase blood circulation, strengthen connective tissue, relieve pain and keep your skin hydrated. The bummer is that the heating and cooling sensation it provides seemed a bit too intense for some users.


  • Natural and organic ingredients
  • Can be used as a massage cream
  • Pleasant but strong smell
  • Reasonably priced
  • Contains essential oils like peppermint and pine
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Intense heating and cooling sensation
  • May cause irritation to sensitive skin
  • Application time may vary per person

First Botany Cosmeceuticals Arabica Coffee Scrub



Our rating

This cellulite cream really packs a punch. It’s loaded with coffee grounds, sea salt, antioxidants, natural oils, coconut and shea butter in order to bring an intense effort at fighting your cellulite.

The coffee grounds are full of antioxidants and work with the dead sea salt to give you additional exfoliation. The antioxidants can also help fight premature aging and help alleviate sun damage.

The makers also suggest rubbing this concoction under your eyes because it can help reduce the appearance of puffy eyes and dark circles. The caffeine works to shrink blood vessels and help reduce the appearance of unsightly varicose veins. Best part? This scrub is 100% natural.


  • Decent sized bottle and price
  • Loaded with antioxidants and natural oils
  • Contains caffeine, a known cellulite-fighter
  • 100% Natural Arabica coffee, coconut and shea butter
  • Amazing coffee scent
  • Multiple uses (makeup primer and cellulite cream)
  • Money back guarantee


  • May feel greasy or oily
  • May produce a burning sensation on sensitive skin

Murad Body Care Body Firming Cream



Our rating

Murad is a firming cream that claims to increase the firmness of your skin by 20% within ten minutes! My eyes definitely perked up when I read this. I was also glad to see that most users have experienced fantastic results while only few complained that it did not work effectively.

Its use of vitamin C is said to help increase elasticity and improve the radiance of your skin. Ingredients like shea butter, oat beta glucan and soy flour help to moisturize and tone the skin. This product has been developed and tested by dermatologists and is not tested on animals. Great news for pet lovers like me!


  • Dermatologist developed and tested
  • Extreme hydration
  • Not tested on animals
  • Made in the USA
  • Contains vitamin C
  • Made with oats and soy


  • Twice the cost of previous options
  • Can only be shipped in the US

Fat Girl Sleep



Our rating

This product comes in a very small jar for a pretty big price but claims to have great results from most users. One major benefit is that it is meant to be used overnight, which means you can lather up, hop in bed and let the product do the work.

It’s made with 3 key ingredients: lavender, algae extract and shea butter. The lavender provides a sweet smell along with sedative effects. The shea butter contains natural fats and has effective moisturizing properties while the algae extract is a natural antioxidant that helps protect your skin from the negative effects of free radicals.

I’m not going to lie, this one has caught my attention the most so far!


  • Amazing smell
  • Best when used overnight
  • Contains lotus flower, red algae and lavender
  • Ultra-rich


  • Expensive
  • Can cause redness on freshly shaved legs
  • Takes awhile to absorb into skin




Our rating

This product is highly revered by most users and has many necessary ingredients for cellulite reduction. Caffeine, retinol, essential oils and antioxidants are all contained in this tiny bottle.

The retinol goes deep into the skin and boosts your collagen levels. The caffeine stimulates circulation and helps shrink fat cells. The antioxidants fight free radicals while the essential oils lubricate dry skin.

This product also contains 70% organic ingredients and is even recommended by dermatologists. Many users saw immediate improvements to their cellulite and were very happy with their results. This product claims to visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite, firm skin and create a smooth and toned look.

This lightweight gel is also said to improve the health of your skin and rejuvenate its appearance.


  • Made with natural and organic ingredients
  • Contains caffeine and retinol
  • Free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates
  • Dermatologist recommended
  • Great as a pre-makeup base
  • Non-sticky
  • Absorbs quickly


  • Very small bottle
  • Expensive

The world of cellulite creams can be daunting to say the least. There are so many products on the market that claim to do amazing things but you won’t really know until you try it yourself. My best piece of advice is for you to keep your eyes out for natural or organic ingredients. I also like when the creams contain natural oils like coconut or olive oil and added essential oils give it an added scent that can soothe your brain in the process.

Which is Best?

Out of all 5 choices, my favorite is definitely the Amelie. It contains all the necessary ingredients for fighting cellulite including retinol, caffeine and antioxidants. I love that it’s made with natural and organic ingredients. The cons of Amelie are almost non-existent. The bonus is that it works great as a primer for makeup and absorbs quickly into the skin. With a decent-sized bottle and a nice price point, I think I’ll definitely be trying this cream first.

That being said, some creams might work better for different people. You won’t know which is best for you until you try. When making your choice you’ll want to keep a few things in mind:

  • Do you have sensitive skin issues?
  • What is your budget?
  • Which ingredients are most important to you?

Once you know the answers to those questions you should be able to make an educated choice for your next cellulite cream option. If you have sensitive skin, you’ll want to steer clear of the creams that can cause irritation. Depending on your budget, you might opt for a less expensive option. Finally, if you are a sucker for certain ingredients, that might help sway your decision as well.

So now that you know what you are looking for, along with the pros and cons of each of your choices, which will you try? Let me know in the comments below! I promise to report back as soon as I get my Amelie in the mail. I can’t wait to see what kind of miracles and magic are waiting for me inside!


Helen Sanders

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