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In the past 18 months, Health Ambition has become a growing healthy lifestyle and wellbeing reference. With over 350,000 unique visitors every month, we've been able to reach a wide audience faster than anyone before.

Contributing to Health Ambition is a unique opportunity for you and your brand to gain exposure to potential rabid fans of what you do. ​

We gladly accept high quality contribution that are not overly self promotional. The blog content is here to help the readers. If your site has content that can help them, we'll gladly link to it. However, for the pure promotional side of things, we reserve the author box to link to your products, social profiles etc.

​Here are the rules when it comes to posting on our site:

  • Content must be of very high quality, well researched and helpful to our audience.
  • Content must be unique. No content recycling here.
  • Contributions must be promoted by their authors at least socially.
  • Contributors must have a track record of publishing high quality health content online.

Why write for Health Ambition?

Reason #1: Change lives

Here at Health Ambition, we truly believe that our work affects a lot of people's lives. And judging by the engagement of our audience and how reactive they are to our content, we have good reasons to believe so. Writing for us is an opportunity for you to impact other's lives positively too.

Here are a few examples of posts where we've helped tens of thousands of people positively:​

Reason #2: Reach a wide audience

When a piece is accepted on the site, it does not only get published on our home page that is visited by hundreds of thousands of people a month. It is also promoted across all our social network. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+. Giving you broad exposure to your target audience. Several of our pieces have also been featured in popular news publications and health specialists often quote our content for reference. Here are a few examples of the type of coverage your piece could get:

The piece will then live in our library of virtual wellness content for as long as the site is live, giving you ongoing access to the visitors of the site.​

Reason #3: Achieve your professional dreams

Our contributors have great success here at Health Ambition. They get offered book deals, speaking opportunities, and teaching gigs. They've also attracted more clients, booked coaching jobs, and grown their brands, simply by writing great posts that got people interested in what they had to say.