A woman gleefully enjoying the sun light with arms wide open.

What Does Vitamin D Do?

Many of you have likely heard about Vitamin D but are unaware of what is it and what it actually does for your body. So let’s tackle this topic and break down what vitamin D does in your body. Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin that is vital to your health; in other words, your body stores …

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A happy woman in an open field with the title "Health benefits of positive thinking"

Why a Positive Mindset Makes All the Difference For Your Health (and how to achieve it)

Positive thinking: an optimistic brain pattern that is often written-off as hippie behavior. This seemingly carefree way of navigating life is far more powerful, helpful and impactful than many may imagine. Though it may appear irresponsible and careless, optimism (the choice to always focus on the positive) is a health-serving, conscious decision. Some find this …

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A cup of buttery liquid next to butter cubes and a jar of oil with the title "Benefits of Raw Butter"

Benefits of Raw Butter & Why to Avoid Pasteurized Dairy

Dietary fat is often villainized, when it should be celebrated and praised. It’s one of the three vital macronutrients that the body requires in order to function properly. Amongst many other things, fat plays a key role in the endocrine system–which is responsible for producing every hormone circulated through the body and bloodstream. Hormones are …

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A small bottle of lavender essential oil next to some lavender with the title "Home Uses for Essential Oils"

6 Home Uses for Essential Oils

Essential oils are aromatic compounds derived from plants. They are not actually “oils,” persay; as they have no fat content. They have a watery texture and smell very intensely of the plant they are distilled from. Essential oils, though an ancient practice, have become increasingly popular in recent years as natural remedies to everyday health …

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