8 Workout Hacks You Need To Have In Your Gym Bag (#1 is obvious!)

Fitness and nutrition have become an integral part of the daily routine of conscientious men and women worldwide. Whether it’s to get strong or to simply lose weight, an active and fit lifestyle has become quite a healthy trend.

Around every corner there is a new gym, spa, or health center popping up, enabling people young and old, all confined to an uncomfortable office chair, to get their prescribed exercise routine on. New members are attracted via new equipment, spacious training rooms, exciting membership discounts and funky protein shake offers. All this is what the gym provides its members with, all they have to bring to the table is themselves and a will of steel. Or is it?

In an age of applications and gadgets, it makes sense to upgrade our workout. Why wait forever for those triceps to tone up when you can boost up your productivity with these workout hacks?

Fitness socks and a man holding a towel over his shoulders.

1. Fitness Towel

You cannot go to a gym without having your own towel on you, and this has always been so. Now, with the fiber industry as meticulously high tech as the automotive industry, we have come a long way since plain cotton towels.

So called “fitness towels” come with germ shields, and will absorb sweat at lightning speed, and they will wash and dry out even faster. Not bad for preventing that gross gym bag stench, right?

2. Socks

Another not-so-new but highly effective thing to pack into your bag is a pair of Sensoria smart socks. Athlete’s foot is gross, and these socks will give you a clearer sign of when your heel or the ball of the foot is strained, meaning your very gym socks will work with you to pick and switch routines and prevent pressure on hip or knee joints. Insane.

sports bottles and protein bars.

3. Shaker Bottles and Water Bottles

Needless to say, staying hydrated is crucial while training always, and especially so if you are on a diet that dehydrates. Having a decent water bottle or shaker bottle works as a visual reminder to get those liquids flowing;

4. Nutrition Bars

There are plenty of ways to improve your diet and often times it means having to bring your own gym snack instead of hoping your local gym has a healthy menu. Fortunately for most of us, gyms offer plenty of nutritious food that cater to most of our needs.

But just because there’s a bar at your gym doesn’t mean you have to settle all your munchies at the said bar. If you have a favorite brand of nutrient bars or protein shakes, keep a pack or two in your gym bag. The ‘low carb’ ones are rich in protein and fiber. They also come in a plethora of flavors to make up for the, quite honestly, unpleasant taste of any protein shake.

Women running equipped with various fitness gadgets.

5. Audio Gadgets

We all have an individual rhythm we’d prefer exercising to, and the gym sound system might soon become a nuisance. Strap your iPod to your arm, or tuck it into a pocket in your leggings (if you have specialized gym leggings). Make a personalized workout soundtrack, or check out these premade playlists. Get your body beat!

6. Heart-Rate Monitor

This is a very useful gadget increasing in popularity, as it is capable of creating a training program according to personal goals, beside just monitoring one’s heart rate. HRMs come in many shapes and forms, so choose the one you are most comfortable sweating with.

Running shoes and an iphone with an app.

7. Running Shoes

Remember junior PE classes, when you “forgot” your sneakers at home, and your coach made you sit out the practice? Changing your shoes seemed like an unnecessary hassle back then, but we are now grown adults capable of rationalizing. Decent multiple layering in your running shoes will cushion your feet and protect them from a series of unfortunate mishaps concerning muscles. Having clean sneaks for the gym is also another great way to prevent athlete’s foot;

Wanna learn how to run like a pro? Check out our article on the best running tips!

8. iPhone Applications

Here’s an item you could very much live without, but why would you? If you have an app addiction, then finding the right application to track your workouts with is an important step when organizing your phone. As with all popular sorts of apps, try several and find the one that best works with your needs and budget, and do not shy away from paid apps.

Already have some of these items? Tell us what you think of our list in the comments section!

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