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Simple Steps to a Healthier Life

Getting healthy can seem daunting with so many different things to cut back on or avoid. The key is to regularly make simple yet beneficial changes and improvements to your daily diet and overall lifestyle. These one step at a time replacements and adjustments soon start adding up to more energy, a better body and a healthier life in general.

Upgrade Your Oils for Better HealthInflammatory vegetable oil

One simple yet significantly important change anyone can make today is to replace inflammatory vegetable oils with healthier alternatives. What is the Healthiest Cooking Oil? has why the oil most people have on their kitchen bench is so damaging and two far superior options.

Margarine is an even more suspect product than processed vegetable oil. Read about the bizarre process that turns noxious grey grease into this extremely poor butter replacement in Why Margarine is Not the Healthy Choice.

Strange Sources of Toxins in Your DietPopcorn unhealthy

Along with the cooking oil you use, the cookware you heat up your food in could be having a surprising impact on your health. Teflon Dangers in Nonstick Cookware explains the problems caused by off gassing perfluorooctanoic acid in nonstick cookware and provides a safe alternative for high temperature cooking.

Microwave popcorn bags are another unusual and relatively unknown source of toxic PFOA, along with two other potentially damaging chemicals. 3 Microwave Popcorn Health Risks shows why it’s really worth swapping out this popular but very far from healthy snack.

Unhealthy Foods and Hidden Chemicalsmost unhealthy foods

Few foods have been as instrumental in creating the current obesity epidemic and skyrocketing rates of serious diseases like diabetes as french fries.  Are French Fries One of the Most Unhealthy Foods You Eat? gives all the reasons why they are a serious contender for that title and just what they do to your body when you have them.

One of the chemicals in french fries that makes them so unhealthy is the carcinogen acrylamide. How to Avoid Acrylamide in Food has simple ways to reduce your exposure to this potentially cancer causing toxin, both in your home cooking and when eating out.

Vitamin C with Your Pizza and a Better Kind of SaltManufactured meat health risks

In recent years, manufacturered meat products have been shown to be an especially risky food to eat regularly. Processed Meat, Nitrosamines and Cancer reveals why and how taking vitamin C at a certain time can minimize the damage if you do have it occasionally.

A diet full of mineral stripped sodium chloride raises your risk of cardiovascular problems and kidney disease and can have a destructive effect on your overall health. Fortunately there is an inexpensive replacement in The Healthiest Type of Salt and Why It’s So ImportantIt’s a simple change that even tastes better as it does your body good.

There’s many more simple changes and healthier replacements on Health Ambition. Here is a full list of all our articles on living a healthier life starting today .

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