Healthy Weight Loss for a Better Body

Eating the right kind of weight loss meals, while ditching common, yet surprisingly fattening foods is the key to losing weight and having a better body. Finding a form of exercise you enjoy will speed up your results and improve your daily energy levels as well.

These pages ahead are all about swapping out fat storing foods for a much healthier fat burning way of eating and taking the actions that have you heading towards your ideal weight each day.

Why High Glycemic Carbs Have to GoHigh Glycemic carbohydrates weight gain

If you’re serious about losing weight then processed carbohydrate foods that stimulate excessive insulin production for body fat storage must be greatly minimized in your diet. Breads, cereals, pasta and white rice are some of the biggest culprits here.

Even when people cut calories, they rarely see any real weight loss while still starting the day with breakfast cereals or heading to the bakery each afternoon. There is simply never a chance to use their stored body fat as fuel.

Cutting Carbs to Lose Weight explains exactly why this is and how to ditch the starvation diets and chose a different way of eating that actually works for weight loss.

One of the worst offenders for putting your body chemistry into the state needed for body fat storage is refined sugar. Surprisingly, studies have shown artificial sweeteners to be a poor replacement as they actually make you fat in a different way – by stimulating hunger.

The 2 Healthiest Sweeteners to Replace Sugar and Aspartame has much better alternative sweeteners to use in your cooking and beverages.

What is Bread Doing to Your Body?shutterstock_93060556-e1364067849569-760x300

Despite its popularity, a slice of bread made from heavily processed refined wheat flour is a particularly unhealthy thing to put into your body. Whenever you eat a meal containing high glycemic carbohydrates like white bread, the hormone insulin shuttles away the rapidly absorbed sugars out of your bloodstream and converts them into triglycerides for storage in your body’s fat cells.

Why Bread Makes You Fat and High Fat Foods Can Help You Lose Weight explains this process in detail and has the solution for effortless weight loss if you are ready to hear the truth about this surprisingly fattening food.

Most supermarket breads are very similar in both their ingredients and their effect on your body’s blood sugar for weight gain. There are however a few types of breads in White Bread Vs Brown Bread – What’s the Difference and 3 Healthier Options that are much better for you and can still be had occasionally while losing weight.

Healthier Snacks for Stable Blood Sugar LevelsAlmonds in bowl

Snacking on sugary snacks from the corner store is one of the most common ways to crash your energy levels. Once the sugar rush wears off, tiredness and lethargy usually sets in as insulin shuttles away glucose from your bloodstream to be stored as body fat.

Using Almonds for Weight Loss, More Energy and Better Skin describes why nutritious nuts like these are some of the best snacks to have instead if you want to maintain stable energy and lose weight in the process.

These 7 High Fiber Fruits are another sweet, yet very healthy way to keep your blood sugar levels stable and avoid that mid afternoon energy crash.

Exercise the Right Way for a Better Bodybest ab exercises

Endless cardio on the treadmill at the gym has been shown to have very limited effectiveness. Save time with two different kinds of workouts that actually get results in How to Lose Fat While Building Muscle. It’s also important to be aware of the Top 10 Fitness Mistakes That Keep People Fat.

Exercise can be a great natural energizer and improve your mental focus for the rest of the day. It can also be a great body fat reduction aid, but only when done correctly. If you’re going to make that trip to the gym or put on those running shoes you might as well do it right.

There’s much more on Health Ambition about how to get the best results with your training as well as eating for natural weight loss. Here is a full list of all our articles on exercising correctly, fat burning foods and how to optimize your diet for a better body.

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