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Here is a list of helpful resources recommended throughout Health Ambition. These are some of the most important changes and replacements to make to have more energy, a better body and a healthier life in general.

Essential Kitchen Ingredients

The Healthiest Oils

Processed vegetable oil made from corn, soy, cottonseed or canola can create inflammation within your body that leads to weight gain and many health problems.

We recommend that you switch to one of the following alternatives:

The Best Kind of Salt and Pepper

The mineral stripped sodium chloride that most people think of as salt is actually processed primarily for industry and is linked to a wide range of diseases. We need salt in our diet, but it is essential that it contains a full spectrum of minerals.


Herbal Sugar Replacement

Replacing sugar or suspect artificial sweeteners with stevia is a significant step towards healthy weight loss. Try the stevia extract we recommend, which is 200 times sweeter than table sugar with no calories and no effect on your blood sugar levels.


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Satisfying Snacks

Almonds for Weight Loss, More Energy and Better Skin

Most high carbohydrate snacks from the corner store play havoc with your blood sugar levels, crash your energy and lead to weight gain.

Healthy nuts like almonds are a completely different type of snack. They are little powerhouses of nutrition with protein and healthy fats that fill you up and do your body good.

Snacking on Seeds

Like nuts, seeds contain a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and beneficial fatty acids.

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Health Enhancing Kitchen Equipment

Juicing Up Your Energy

Freshly made juices like this are one of the best ways to get high quality nutrition into your diet and power up your energy levels.

Especially if you juice greens, a good masticating juicer produces both more and higher quality juice. After using this highly rated one most days in my kitchen I’d never go back to an old centrifugal juicer.

Blending for Better Health

Blended smoothies are more like a highly nutritious meal in a glass. Many of us find it hard to get a good range of fruits and vegetables into our diet but smoothies make it easy to blend up a variety of them into a great tasting drink that really fills you up.

If you like to blend often it’s really worth investing in a powerful blender. The following blender will blend up pretty much anything you throw at it and handles fibrous vegetables and greens with ease.

Ceramic Cookware for Safer Cooking

After researching the dangers of Teflon coated cooking equipment, I went looking for new ceramic nonstick cookware. After a lot of research I choose this beautiful set by WearEver that are guaranteed to be PFOA free and are far more scratch resistant than Teflon as well.

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Important Supplements

Vitamin C Protection

If you would like to maintain strong defenses against infection and disease, or if you ever eat processed meat, then a naturally sourced vitamin C is a highly beneficial supplement to take daily.

Unfortunately, most vitamin C supplements are derived from GMO corn and have limited usefulness. Camu camu from the Amazonian rainforest is one of the richest sources of vitamin C and contains a range of co-factors that make it highly absorbable and effective.

Antioxidants for Better Vision

Most of us stare at computer screens for long hours each day and often end up with tired and sore eyes. While it’s recommended to take regular breaks, the eye antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin can help improve your eyes ability to focus on fine details and may help reduce eye fatigue.

The Benefits of Vitamin A and Vitamin D

Vitamin A is vital for cellular growth , maintenance and repair, for resistance to infection and disease and for healthy skin and vision.

Vitamin D works with vitamin A in important ways throughout your body and is involved in maintaining proper calcium balance for strong bones and a well functioning cardiovascular system.

It’s much better to get a balanced ratio of vitamin A to vitamin D in your diet. Too much of either without the other can actually be detrimental to your health.

Cod liver oil is the best source of true vitamin A along with vitamin D and this lemon oil flavored version from Norway is one of the best available.


This page will be updated with new resources as we find them. We’ll also be sure to check these links regularly to make sure these are always the best products we can find at the lowest price.

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